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  • Customer Centric Philosophy

    Heritage Oils pursues a customer centric philosophy. We ensure that, although it’s a win win situation but in the end it is the customer who is the biggest winner. Depending on the product, customer knowledge and needs, the company offers tribology and oil analysis-, training, work shop surveys, workshop attachés and any technical assistance that the customer might require.

    These services are not a once off experience but rather a way of doing our business. Because of our understanding of ever changing customer needs, we run a 24/7 cusstomer help desk.

  • Distribution

    The company has a strategic partner in South Africa who is responsible for all inward deliveries. The partnership enables the company to run on time logistics for all its imports from South Africa.

    The distribution and logistics is handled from the Harare office. However product can be made available to customers within 24 hours despite location. This is made possible by the fact that the company has strategic relationships with courier companies and has its own fleet to complement distribution.

  • Commercial Offer

    The company has now firmly established its position in the Zimbabwean lubricants market and currently supplies a wide range of lubricants to well established companies within Zimbabwe.

    We appreciate the need to be competitive in terms of pricing. We have developed pricing models based on a number of factors mainly quantities, frequency, payment terms and nature of product. Prices vary according to these factors however the company tries to ensure the customer get the best deal all the time.