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    Lubritene focus mainly on the equipment chain which serve the earthmoving activities from exploration drilling, blast hole drilling, overburden removal, ore removal, ore transporation, grinding and processing of the rwa material in the plants.

    Lubritene supplies a full range of dragline lubrication. All products are fully approved by Bucyrus. Products for dragline lubrication includes open gearing, wire ropes, cam compounds, industrial gear oils and grease.

    Lubritene currently supplies more than 90% of all hydraulic and rope shovels in RSA. Products include pin and bush grease, open gear lubrication and gear/ hydraulic oils. Lubritene products are approved by Komatsu, P&H and compliesmto the minimum specification as specified by CAT, Liebherr, Hitachi, O&K etc.

    Lubritene have developed specific open gear lubricants to address any customers requirement. All open gear lubricants are low comsumption, solvent and bitumen free, developed and designed to provide excellent protection against wear. Some open gear lubricants are approved by Qutotec, Metso, FFE.

    Lubritene have developed a full range of high performance lubricants that addresses any clients requirements. Some of these include high temperature lubricants, water resistant lubricants, high speed low load greases, low speed high load greases, tacky greases, high solid content greases, thread compounds etc.

    The next step of evolution for Lubritene is to develop bio degradable lubricants to suite the heavy industrial and mining industries. Lubritene is in the process of developing bio-degradable open gear lubricant, drilling lubricants, thread compounds, hydraulic oils, gear oils etc.