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Our Product Range

Our product is more than a day’s wonder but rather an experience. The Heritage Oil product range is categorized into three functional lines.
The bitumen product range, the ground oil product range, aviation and other petrol chemicals and the gas range.

  • Official Distributor of TOTAL Lubricants





    Oil Handling Equipment
    (Automated Oil Dispensers)

    Our range of lubricating oils is influenced by customer requirements, so we try to be something to all our clients. If we do not have, we try to get it for them in the shortest possible time. This range of products carries automotive oils, industrial gear oils, hydraulic system oils, transformer oils, transmission oils and a host of other oils used in different mining, manufacturing and electricity generating applications. The lubricating range of products is supported by a team of experienced and qualified personnel who have developed hands-on competences over the years. The product support personnel has a common objective, to ensure the customer buys the right product for the right application at the right price and ultimate customer satisfaction.

    All product is subject to pretesting and qualification before being dispatched to customers. Over the years the company has continued to develop competences in manufacturing and marketing quality lubricants that meet international standards by using the internationally certified raw materials and employing the internationally recognized ASTM methods for testing finished products.


    The company stocks a wide range of bitumen and bitumen derived products such as cationic mix, cat spray, bitumen pen grade 80/100, stable 60 etc.

    These products are stocked according consumer demand trends. We however try to have a bit of everything on the ground.